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A selection of our projects

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An NFT collection of an intergalactic crew of 5555 space pirates, lost in the cosmos. We have co-founded this project, which meant sourcing the artist, creating all marketing materials as well as the app.

NFT Collection


For the 100 years celebration of Valrhona, we've come up with an installation concept to tell 3 different stories of 3 different projects the foundation has been a part of.



A trading app powered by AI that makes it easy for new investors to start trading. Think about it like Tinder for trading.

App design
Lottie animations

The Guardian

Content for The Guardian launching their online privacy controls to give users the freedom to choose how their data is handled.

Content creation


GoodDollar is an anti-poverty protocol and DAO that creates an ongoing money flow of digital basic income that is given away to its members.

Content creation
Lottie animations


Business spending tamed. A fun concept and execution to promote this great new service.

Content creation

UEFA 2020

Launching a Europe wide event sounds complicated, so we've simplified it.

Content creation


The circular economy of a mattress. Secondly is a new economic model innovator based in France.

Content creation


Concept and execution for the explainer video for Hotjar.

Concept & Script
Motion Design


A fun video contrasting this new banking services with traditional ones.

Concept & Script
Motion design


Various video campaigns including motion design & animation.

Web design
Web app UX & UI

Creating an explainer video

6 steps to create an explainer video. We go behind the scenes to show you how we do it.

Blog post
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