Small and mighty

We strive to be a great and innovative creative communications partner;
Lean, efficient, effective, collaborative and global.

Creative freedom

Since 2012 the plan was always to stay as a small core team with a global extended family of creatives.

This means that we're not limited to specific capabilities, but flexible to do what's right for each client. Whether the best for our clients is animated content, live action shoots, a mobile app, we can flex the right team for it.

Born in London, matured in France

Bernard created Beast Collective in 2012 in London 🇬🇧 , after his frustration with the lack of contact between clients and the creatives actually doing the work, at the ad agencies he freelanced at.

Since the teams changed with every project, it was easy to do the personal move to France 🇫🇷 and keep on working with freelance creatives everywhere. France being full of super talented creatives was a major plus! (and yes this was all pre-pandemic)

Our own coworking space in Ardèche

Living and working in the countryside is a dream, however workspace choice is limited to say the least. The good thing about this is that we got to create our very own coworking space in Ardèche.

Remote but very well connected (30mins to Lyon 🚄 , 2hrs 30mins to Paris 🚄, and 1hr to Marseille 🚄 )

Check out the space here >