Business spending, tamed

Content for the campaign "Business spending, tamed"

A monster problem

Our client were solving the problem of business spending by offering a simple and modern business card solution that's linked to mobile and web apps. Rather than spending hours getting lost in receipt searching and expense claims, employees are given their own company cards that can be controlled.

Concept, ideation, script & design

The solution that our client offered, was literally taming that monster problem by having more control over it as well as peace of mind.
We came up with a script that visualised the problem in a fun and entertaining way, and designed the characters to go with it.

Proposed characters and designs (left to right: The Monster, tamed monster, you, the financial controller)

From story to final film

Watching the comparison between the storyboard and the final result is always fun. Our clients must trust us very much, as I doubt that the vision we always had in our head (right) could be imagined from the crude initial storyboard sketches presented (left).

Having said that, pretty much all our projects have clear links between the initial vision and the final result, which is proof to our future clients that the our creative vision matches our execution. This makes us very proud of the work we do, especially when our clients as well as their own customers are happy with the result.

Beast Credits

Producer & Creative direction: Bernard Magri
Script: Katriona Gordon
Art Directors: Cyril Izarn & Julien Nantiec (Nobl)
Design: Nobl
Animation: Yannis Boultakis
Animation: Bung Nguyen
Music & Sound Design: Sebastien Oliwa

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