Cosmic Crew

An NFT collection of an intergalactic crew of 5555 space pirates, lost in the cosmos.

An NFT collection unlike any other

For our first NFT collection, Cosmic Crew, we wanted to learn how it's done and master the craft. Together with the artist, TANK, we looked at every detail when creating the different traits of each character. Every trait works seamlessly with the other, creating a large number of possible combinations, each working together like every character was created individually.

Hand drawn

Tank has created the characters and hand drawn each trait. These were then digitised and colourised.

Webflow website

We created the website for Cosmic Crew, and we wanted to highlight the visuals as much as possible without giving too much away. The animation and parallax effects help introduce the audience to the story bit by bit.

Check it out on

Beast Credits

Producer & Creative Director: Bernard Magri
Artist: Tank
Web design: Beast Collective
Web Development: Beast Collective
Community: Crem
Social Media Marketing: Hash

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