Fortnum & Mason

Shop window installation

Launching F&M e-shop

A digital installation for the flagship Fortnum & Mason store, in collaboration with the advertising agency Otherway. 12 different tablets, each playing a synced animation, sitting on one of the popular F&M hampers. The animation content used the hamper as the 'cart', to link the digital with the physical.

1. Construction & Tech

The challenge was fitting the base structure in the iconic F&M hamper. This had to support the load of the structure as well as the tablets. The structure piping was used to hide the cabling as well.

2. Visibility

The screens were randomly placed, so syncing them was a bit more complex as we had to keep visibility when all screens worked together. The idea is that these tablets were coming out of the F&M hamper like an explosion.

Beast Credits

Creative Director & Producer: Bernard Magri
Design & build (physical objects): Sitraka
Motion design & animation: Bernard Magri
Agency: Otherway London

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