Content & Interactive animations for a new type of wealth redistribution model using Crypto.

Crypto for wealth redistribution

GoodDollar’s economic model rethinks wealth creation and redistribution with sustainability and scalability in its core.. With no longer need governments or centralized institutions to ensure greater security and prosperity for all.

We've worked with GoodDollar to help them communicate their economic model in a simple and entertaining way.

Lottie animations

We’ve created vector based & controllable animations to work on the GoodDollar website and app using LottieFiles. Hover over the first 2 animations to see them in action.

These are vector animations that can be used in apps, and websites alike. They are lightweight so they don't take too much disk space like video does.

Beast Credits

Creative Direction & Lottie Animations: Bernard Magri
Design & Animation: Cyril Calgaro

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