Valrhona Foundation

Interactive installation

3 stories 3 installations

As part of the activities for the 100 years of Valrhona, their foundation wanted to use the opportunity to talk directly to Valrhona clients about what the foundation does, and make them adhere to their mission.

This was our solution (watch the video!)

Our idea & proposal

Through a simple gesture, the clients bring to life the foundation's projects that contribute to A FAIR AND SUSTAINABLE COCOA INDUSTRY and RESPONSIBLE AND INCLUSIVE GASTRONOMY.

An interactive table, where Valrhona customers drop a token in a slot that activates a mini mapping on an abstract physical model.

The mapping tells 3 stories of 3 distinctive projects: A poultry farm in Ivory Coast, the construction of a school in Venezuela, and the Grains de pâtissier induction program in france.

A rough mockup to show what the final piece could look like

1. Tech

In order to make this work, we needed to figure out the simplest way to activate the mapping animations. So we decided on a physical switch that sits at an angle so that the token never fails to activate it. The token also had to be made of metal to have a certain weight to make sure it doesn't get stuck between the switch and the side of the tunnel.

2. Art & animation

The projects existed already, so we decided to use a collage style in the design. This way we could animation the construction of each project that wow's the client as they see this come to life right in front of their eyes. It also helped create a playful and fun unique style to the whole experience.

3. Physical

The physical part was quite a big challenge, as this needed to be aesthetic from the outside and ideally hide all the functionality to keep the surprise element.

We opted for an organic environment and an abstract geometric model that stands out. Stickers helped direct the client towards the slot as well as communicate the foundation's mission.

The tokens were metal, painted black with the logo directly printed on them. This gave the heavy quality feel when the clients picked them up which gave the sensation of a heavy coin and created an amazing thumping sound once it was dropped into the slot.

4. Modularity & Re-use

The project was planned to be modular and re-used from day one, which meant that it wasn't fixed to one location or one event. One of the interactive cubes is now in the Chocolate museum of Valrhona - La CIté du Chocolat.

The animations used for mapping

Beast Credits

Creative Director & Producer: Bernard Magri
Art Director & design (animation): Cyril Calgaro
Design & Development (tech): Antoine Vanel
Design & build (physical objects): Sylvain De Rozevire
Motion design & animation: Basile Krasnopolsky
Music & Sound Design: Pauline Lecaignec
Tokens: Atelier Simon
Token prints: Impressions Modernes
Stickers: ACX Signaletique

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