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Phones, 360, VR & cats!

When we found out that we'd be working on a video for Youtube, we knew that we had to put cats in there somehow :-)

Youtube Evolution

Youtube wanted to show their interface evolution through animation. We decided to show this through the different devices people have enjoyed youtube through the years. Starting with the traditional desktop computer and ending with the smartphone which is how most people enjoy watching youtube videos nowadays.

YouTube World Refugee Day Spotlight

In 2017 YouTube set up this very special spotlight and we had the task to animate the YouTube logo Youdle which would replace the official youtube logo on all YouTube pages.

We started working on concepts before the visuals for the official campaign were finished, and we quite liked the idea of having 2 hands play about with the various subjects of the films produced by YouTube.

Beast Credits

Creative Director & Producer: Bernard Magri
Design: Pat Grivet
Animation: Adrien Kulig
Character Animation: Ross Plaskow
Music & Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

Youdle design: Mark Billington
Youdle animation: Arthur Sotto

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